addresses of the exam centers


Address: To be announced 

Exam Time: 10.00


Address: To be announced 

Exam Time: 10.00


Address: To be announced - Baku / Azerbaijan

Exam Time: 11.00 (Azerbaijani Local Time)


Address:To be announced -  Berlin / Germany

Exam Time: 09.00 (Germany Local Time)


Address: To be announced -  Cologne/Germany

Exam Time: 09.00 (Germany Local Time)


Address: To be announced - Algiers

Exam Time: 08.00 (Algeria Local Time)


Address: To be announced - Somalia

Exam Time: 10.00 (Somali Local Time)

Manisa Celal Bayar University International Students Exam (MCBUYOS 2019), exam enterance paper is ready.

You can print your exam enterance paper after the last application date 26.04.2019

You have to bring your exam enterance paper to your exam location with your citizenship identity card and your passport.

It’s forbidden to enter MCBUYOS 2019 Exam with mobile phones.

It is imperative that the candidates arrive to the exam center at least one hour prior to the start of the examination, as this is very important for being allowed to the building on a timely manner.Please note that the students who are 20 minutes late to the  exam can’t enter the exam.

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