Applications for applying for the exam will be made through MCBUYOS official website ( Applications made outside the application period will not be accepted.

Candidates will be given 10 digit candidate number starting with 2018 after they have pre-registered by carefully completing the Candidate Application Form during the application phase.

Applicants are fully responsible for any negative results that occur due to the errors made while filling in the Application Form. Identity fields of the Application Form should be filled in with the information on the applicant’s passports without any abbreviations.

The digital version of the applicant’s self-photo must be attached to the relevant section on the application form. As this photo is going to be printed on the Examination Admission Document and the Examination Result Document, the photo must be taken in the last six months and from the front view, ensuring that the applicant is easily recognizable.

The applicant who completed the application form and completed the transaction should not forget the user name and password.

The username and password must be kept carefully by the applicant, as they will be required at all stages of this examination, as well as for all transactions that the candidate will have with the MCBU in electronic form.


Paying the Examination Fee

The application will be approved after payment has been made to the following account:

Bank Name / IBAN Numbers:

Bank Name: Ziraat Bankası / Manisa Branch

TL: TR860001000188394772655036

EURO: TR 030001000188394772655075

USD: TR 300001000188394772655074



Explanation: Candidate Number – Beneficiary

Example: 2018...... - MCBUYOS

Do not forget to provide the bank with this information when making the payment!

Applicants in Turkey can deposit the required fee in any branch of the bank.

Applicants outside Turkey can deposit the required fee from a correspondent bank or any other internationally active bank.

Applicants, inside or outside Turkey, should be careful about the following points:

a)      Applicants are considered to have paid the examination fee only after the funds have been transferred and accredited to MCBU’s account. Personal checks, money orders, travelers’ checks, postal orders, bank notes or any other form of money transfer are not acceptable; bank checks, postal orders or money enclosed in an envelope should not be sent by post.

b)      The processing fee that will charged by the bank for the service of depositing the examination fee is not included in the examination fee.

c)      The application will be invalid unless the examination fee has been paid.

d)      Applicants should check the information on the confirmation slip to make sure it is accurate before leaving the bank. Any mistakes should be corrected immediately.

List of applicants, whose applications are approved, and the exam halls will be announced on MCBUYOS website. Applicants should print their Exam Entrance Card from ( Applicants who do not have the Exam Entrance Card will not be admitted to take the exam. The date from which the Examination Entrance Documents can be taken will be announced on the web address (

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