MCBUYOS consists of two parts. The first is the “Basic Learning Skills Test,” which will be prepared and given in Turkish and English. This test will be a 80 question test including abstract reasoning ability, Mathematics and Geometry questions. This test does not consist of questions from the fields of Turkish, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or Geography. Candidates will be given a total of 120 minutes (2 hours).


Considerations about the Exam;

·         Applicants should bring their passports, Exam Entrance Cards for the exam to the examination hall.

·         Applicants must bring soft lead pencils, an eraser, and optionally a pencil sharpener with them; they must not bring cellular phones into the examination hall.

·         Following identification check starting half an hour before the exam, applicants will be admitted to the examination halls. The exam will be held in 1 session; therefore applicants should be ready at least 1 hour before the exam starts.

·         All of the questions in the booklets are multiple-choice, and the applicant is required to select the right answer from among five alternatives. The applicant should mark the answer sheet carefully, filling in the alternative of his/her choice. Answers will be counted as incorrect if more than one choice is marked or if the applicant’s marks overflow the given space for the answer.

·         It is against the rules for applicants to talk, cheat or assist others during the examination. Applicants found disobeying the rules will be disqualified.

·         At the end of the examination, applicants, as instructed, will hand in the question booklet with the answer sheet to the person in charge of the examination hall. The answer sheets of applicants whose examination results have been declared invalid because they have broken the rules of the examination or have not returned the necessary documents at the end of the examination will not be evaluated and an Examination Result Card will not be issued.

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